Innovation Strategy

    “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore.
    It will be the fast beating the slow.”        Rupert Murdoch

     “Change before you have to.”        Jack Welch



    Program Objectives
    This program is specially designed to help decision leaders identify the critical components that affect business performance and stay away from the congested competition. Leading organization leapfrogs and excels through the express way of innovation. In the two days program, you will learn how to:
    ·        Perform a holistic review of the organization performance
    ·        Develop a feasible Business Model Innovation
    ·        Winning Full support from Key Persons
    ·        Develop a Change Committee to Execute New Strategies
    At the end of the program, you will be familiar with the steps of business model innovation, complete a strategic review, develop a new customized business model, execution blue print, and formed a change committee ready to execute the new strategies.
    Program Outlines
    ·         Principle of Work Smart in Change and Innovation
    ·         9 Components of a vital Business Model
    ·         Driving Forces that Impact Performance
    ·         The Internal Choices to Cope with Change
    ·         BLA model to Business Innovation
    ·         Ways to Develop a Completely New Market
    ·         Strategies to Enhance Business Competitiveness
    ·         Winning the Key Management for the new Strategies
    ·         Key Elements to Leading Change
    ·         Key Elements to Develop a successful Change Committee
    ·         Task and Responsibility of a Change Committee
    ·         Visual Technique to Business Innovation
    ·         Holistic Business Review and Root Caused Identification 
    ·         Develop Change Execution Blue Print
    ·         ABC Marketing Strategies for Development
    ·         Motivation model to Inspire Change
    ·         Strategies to Decision Risk
    Suitable for
    Organizational Leaders, Key Managers or Decision Makers who wish to leapfrogs performance through business innovation.

    Participants (regardless the level of management or staff) who have attended James’ program generally felt the great benefit they received is Learning How to Learn. Besides bringing back the “fish”, they learnt how “to fish”. Just like to white inverted triangle that forms beyond lines in the above diagram.


    The 3 key elements that construct this high level of learning are:

    (1) Delivery of knowledge with enriched experienced, case studies and analogy that enable the learning last.

    (2) Critical Thinking through discussion, sharing and under the guidance of James with the support of application tools enable the connection between class room learning and real life application. 

    (3)Enlightenment through a series of activities and critical reflection under James’ supervision to enable self discovery and answers to resolve the embracing challenge.


    Program Leader:JamesChin
    The Total Solution Provider and Master Trainer in helping organization leapfrog through Change and Innovation.

    -  Singaporean Chinese

    -  Master in Business Administration (Hull, UK)

    -  Worked with Beijing University and FuDan University

    -   President of International Consulting & Training

    -  Ex-President of Certified Professional Trainer Association 

    -  Master Trainer (Asia Pacific Region) of International
    Association (UK)

    -  Clients include: GM, Delphi, Tenneco, Schneider Electric, Sony
       Ericson, Motorola, Citibank, DBS, Bank of America, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,
       Communication Bank of China, Philip, GE Medical, Tyco, Haier, Siemens, etc.

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    Duration: 2 Days (9am – 5pm)


    Number of Participants
    This program is a highly Interactive and Intensive. Participants will be asked to perform a series of activities after each short lecture. The structure of critical thinking, individual and team reflection under close supervision, guardian and evaluation of the trainer will enable maximum learning benefits. Therefore, we strongly recommend the maximum number of participants to be kept within 20 persons.

    For More Information
    The above program outline is only reference. We shall customize the program to your need upon confirmation. Please Contact our local representatives or email us at

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