About James Chin

    About James Chin (Singapore) 
    He offers total service solutions, a master trainer who assist organization to breakthrough performances through innovation and change.
    •   Singapore Chinese Citizen
    •   Master of University of Hull England
    •   Trainer for Peiking University & Fudan University CEO Class
    •   President of International Consulting & Training Singapore
    •   Ex-President of Singapore Professional Trainers Association
    •   Master Trainer of UK Certified International Professional Trainers in Asia Pacific
    •   He has trained many outstanding professional trainers in Asia Pacific
    •   Judge committee of many Singapore Training and Education Certified Programs
    •   Ex-Asia Pacific Regional General Manager for Multinational corporations, lead team to
         create and achieve breakthrough performances multi times
    •   2014 America Society of Training Development (ASTD) APAC Conference Guest Speaker
    •   Customers includes SASAC, Zhejiang Secretariat Party, Guangdong Province Human
         Affairs Bureau, Jilin Provinde National Tax Bureau, Petrochina,  State Grid Corporation
         China, China Power Investment Corporation (CPI), China Aerospace, China Telecom,
         Tshing Hua University, Peiking University, Fudan University, Hong Kong University, 
         Bank of China, CNPC, ICBC, China Telecommunication Bank, China Commerce Bank,
         Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Lenovo, General Motors, ACER Computer, Lenovo,  
         AIG Insurance, China Life Insurance, PICC, Ping An Insurance, AIA, China Eastern
         Airline, Siemens, Tenneco Automotive, Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning, Schneider
         Electrics, OTIS, Sony Ericson, Johnson & Johnson, Shanghai Fudan Hospital, CNNP,
         Rhodia Chemical Engineering, APL, DHL, HP, Lanxess, Accenture, Philips, HP, Kohler,
         Huawei, Abbive, Novartis, Mainfreight, Philips, GE Healthcare, SIA, Whirlpool, Haier, 
         Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Sobey, Benesa, Lanxess, Accenture, Siegwerk, Epcos, 
         RedAtoms, Tyco Electronics, Bureau Veritas, Aspire, Schaeffler, Nielson, BASF, Brothers,
         Kurita, DAMCO, ThermoFisher, WACKER, Black & Decker, AzkoNobel, Meiwa Corporation, 
         Freseniuskabi, Tenneco, Delixi, Atlas Copco, Korber Schleifring, Dollosy, Sinochem,
         Fosun, etc.
    Intelligence and interesting teaching methods not only touches every participant, his practical and grounded training efforts has helped all his participants made significant positive transformation within short period of time. Many of his participants leapfrog performance, gained their companies’ acknowledgement, promoted shortly and achieved important life transformation.

    In order to help more people benefit, James Chin is also the master trainer of the UK Certified Professional Trainers Program in Asia Pacific. He has groomed over thousands of professionals, outstanding trainers, chief people development, HR Management leaders, organization leaders and managers through systemize his deep profound accumulative experiences. Click to read his Customers’ Testimonial and more about James Chin’s Highlights.

    James Chin describe his life values as a candle, to lite up more lives!


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