The Story of Eagle Rebirth

    Some laws of nature are always worth thinking and learning,

    The eagle rebirth is truly the best example. 

    In normal situation, the average life spent of an eagle is about 70 years old. However, when an eagle live to its peak life of the age of 40, it immediate faces the ordeal of death,

    (1)   the eagle’s peck has been continuously growth rapidly and become crook and face
           feeding restraint as usual
    (2)   the eagle’s sharp claw become fragile and lost its ability to hunt for food
    (3)   the eagle’s feather become rough and bend inwards, it constrain the flying flexibility
    At this point in time, the eagle must make a decision, to live or to die!
    A bitter transition process will remain for FIVE months…

    First, the eagle will return to its mountain peak cliff, it will use its peck to knock against the cliff until it falls off. 
    Waiting after the new peck grown out, the eagle will peck fall its aging claws. Follow after the new claws grown out, it will use its new claws to pluck out all its heavy and rough feathers.

    Although these 5 months transition process is painful, it gives the eagle another 30 years of new life and exchange with the freedom of soring high easily.
    Does your organization encounter the resemblance?

    There are many factors that may prompt you to take change, whether you are in the active or passive condition, this will be a turning point in deciding the future fate!

    At this moment, reduce the process of change to a minimum negative impact and shorten the period will maintain your organization vitality and rebuild your competitive advantages quickly and effectively.
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