Change Factors

    There are eight common change circumstances, characteristic and challenges

    (1) Restructuring
    Organizational structure or position adjustment (it could be multi levels of structures
    •   urgent need to improve productivity
    •   shrinkage of manpower, one person is require to play multiple roles and take up multi       
    •   directly or indirectly impact the employee’s remunerations, position and power

    (2) Acquisition
    Common strategy in the 21st century to enable accelerated growth
    •   employee being familiar and accept the new management styles and corporate culture
    •   differences among initial operating model, pace, management philosophy and values
    •   power, reporting, compliance

    (3) Merging or Joint Venture 
    Integration of the two organizations with different competitive advantages, different market segments, or industrial upstream and downstream chain for better growth synergies (ie. Manufacture and logistic company buying each other shares)

    •   compliment to each other’s weakness, finding common ground and improve competitive

    •   increase company’s scale and market shares
    •   the integration of two companies with different corporate culture is just like mixing the oil


    (4) Transfer of Target Market
    Change of increase target customer groups (ie. From fortune 500 MNC to SME)

    •   marketing expenses reduction or transform

    •   initial strategy and method may not work for new customers
    •   impact employee short term remuneration 
    (5) Migration
    Passive migration or transfer operation from one place to another (ie. from first tier city to second or third tier city)
    •   reduce operating and labor cost and expenses
    •   migrating following the key customer’s move
    •   domestic government new policy privilege
    (6) Increase of Target/Quota

    The need to rapid multiply of business (ie. new strategy from corporate head quarter)
    •   despite current good performance, business growth saturated or stagnant for years
    •   short of human resources, not easy to recruit the right candidates from market
    •   employee is require to adapt to the new policy and strategy quickly 
    (7) Change of Strategy
    Proactive changing of the business and manageme
    nt guideline according to market competition (ie. from product selling to solutions provider)
    •   new manner, new performance evaluation indicators
    •   aside complete work mission, require to learn quickly during off time
    •   new manners may not be able to achieve results as quickly as it was
    (8) Impact from external factors

    Change of target customers’ expectations and values (ie. from quality to brand)
    •   new innovated products replace the existing industry (ie. cell phone replace pager)
    •   existing competitive advantages desalt
    •   don’t know where to start facing the decline in profits

    Top 10 Challenges
    In one of the survey with 150 middle and high management leaders, we found that managers generally face the following problems during implementation of change process,

    1.    Staff feel is the victim and resistance to change
    2.    Team to the front frustrated, uncertain
    3.    Managers lack of support and action
    4.    Convincing win a peer cooperate effectively
    5.    The composition of the innovation to develop a series of feasibility
    6.    Keep the morale of the team should have and centripetal force
    7.    The brain drain and human resource cost of ascension
    8.    Instant access to the upper support and resources
    9.    New skills shortages affect the execution team
    10.  Effectively handle change during the process of problem

    What kind of accelerate development or upcoming change that you are currently facing? Within these top ten challenges, which are the top three that you find thorny? If the issues that are bordering you have exceeded these ten challenges, welcome to email us at and share more with us. You will also help us to expand our research and development for the change area to help more people.


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