Good to Great Series - Building Winning Team


    Program Objectives:
    This course focus to assist managers to build full engagement team and improve team morale. Through combining the business vision, core values and promote the four driving senses of work passionate (sense of worthiness, sense of ownership, sense of capability, sense of achievements), to build team cohesion, solidarity and enhance execution effectiveness. Similar courses James has successly helped many companies to enhance employee loyalty, responsibility, initiative and solidarity. Corporate customers inclusive but not limited to: Accenture, Philips, TDK, Stanley Black and Decker, Sinochem International, Sobey, and so on.
    Program Outline:
    Module 1: Management Concept Development and Excellent Team
    • Understand the characteristics and qualities of Excellent team
    • Introduce Viable System Model (VSM) to improve team response to rapid dynamic changes
    • Promote the Four Driving Senses to enhance team full engagement 
    • Building excellent team with
    Five Essential Elements of Leadership
    Module 2: Optimizing Sense of Worthiness - to promote solidarity, cohesion and work passion
    • Two keys to facilitate team in focusing attention on resonance
    • Four key steps in creating shared vision
    • Crtical Steps to create a team with differentiated competitive advantages and sense of pride 
    • Essential methodologies to penetrate adherence of core values ​​and individual work behaviors
    Module 3: Optimizing Sense of Ownership - to promote proactiveness, decision and work satisfaction
    • Five stages to elevating empowerment
    • Three aspects to enhance work performance and quality
    • Five golden questions leading to effective decision-making
    • Four keys to constructive critism and effective correction
    Module 4: Optimizing Sense of Capability - to promote competence, keeping work fun
    • Understand the stress vs boring Work Effectiveness Model
    Three Golden Questions for positive reflection
    • Use GROW Model for questioning and guidance
    • Five Steps to teaching new skills
    Module 5: Optimizing Sense of Achievement - to enable the team's satisfaction, confidence and happiness
    • Adopt the Dolphin Training Excitation and Motivation Method
    • The Five Elements to motivate behaviors
    • Four Critical Methods to effective recognition
    • Key elements to sustain the effects of motivation 
    Teaching Methods

    We utilizing the Action Learning Model to help participants master the key skills with a fun and highly interactive edutainment learning atmosphere. Participants will be easier to understand the abstract theories and concepts through rich case studies elaborations, they can also be able to adopt the essential principles and thinking behind the learning from the trainers' deep profound experiences sharing. The most benefitial part of the course is participants will acquire the necessary skillsets and adopt the thinking models after each participant is put on practical exercises (such like the theoretical gymnastics exercises) to apply the skills learned in their own personal and work problems, to establish targeted solutions. In the two days afternoon, participants will carry out the design of blueprint for the specific innovative thinking and creative concepts that they developed. At the same time, participants will establish the post training support system, the innovative propulsion system to promote a culture of innovation and sustainable development for the organization.
    Class Size:

    The highlight and the essence of this course, the practical "Gymnastics" exercises and revealing activities enable the self-enlightenment on behaviors reflected in their real life, wisdom aroused through self awareness in the experiential learnings, hence, it cultivate behavioral change and the growth of learners wisdom. As compared with the other general skillset focus courses, participants not only need to become familiar with the related corrective steps, skills and methodologies through practices, the key is to achieve mastery of comprehensive learnings through own experiences and insights. Many participants after mastering the core principles and techniques, they applied to other areas of work and life achieved significant improvement from inside out. In the entire training process, the instructors ability in paying attention and guiding every participant play an important role to achieve training effectiveness. Therefore, ideally, the number of participants enrolment to each workshop is highly recommended to be maintained within 20 people, with a maximum of 25 people.
    Program LeaderJames Chin
    The Total Solution Provider and Master Trainer in helping organization leapfrog through Change and Innovation.
    -  Singaporean Chinese
    -  Master in Business Administration (Hull, UK)
    -  CEO's trainer for Peiking University, FuDan University and Hong Kong University
    -  President of International Consulting & Training (Singapore)
    -  Ex-President of Certified Professional Trainer Association (Singapore)
    -  Master Trainer (Asia Pacific Region) of International Professional Managers Association (UK)
    -  Clients include: SASAC, Zhejiang Secretariat Party, Tsinghua University, GE General
       Electric, Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo, Citibank, Bank of Communications, Bank
       of China, State Grid, China Power Investment Corporation, CNPC, China Aerospace,
       AIG Insurance, China Insurance, APL, DHL, Delphi, Solvay, etc.


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